Thursday, 29 November 2012

Real life entropy ;)

"Holding on our edge that exhilaration , being alive"
Well as an engineer i came  aware of what entropy is which goes on like this " measure of randomness or disorderliness of a system " and it is a thermodynamic property. And obviously i came through all derivations and formula across entropy to keep my little knowledge straight. But when i came through the real life example of entropy it adds an other perceptions to things we've already witnessed in our day today life. Sometimes entropy change even occurs within ourselves , normally when we get angry if our favorite team loses or its one of those moment when a person really annoying choose to stay with you or every time when a  girl passes nearby you.
Every time  when these events happens we feel we are in a state of being something which is in complete contrast to being normal. Inorder to explain this briefly i am going to take one of those above examples., my favorite one., lets take what happens when a girl considerably good looking passes by you and your eyes had no choice but to follow her, many other people quote this with a term "attraction" but i guess there is more to that . When we are with our loved ones we feel comfortable due to various changes in our body and our heart shows that this is the way we should spend the rest of our lives. If we speak scientifically then we may quote that the temperature and rate of bloodflow plays a major in this , normally the blood temperature in our body is 72-78 deg celsius but if we get angry it rises upto 100 deg , on the contratory if we get to meet the love of our life then our blood temperature becomes 54-66 deg celsius., this is how we used to get those chills when we are with them. When you are in love bloodflow increases and thus this high inrush of cold blood causes you to be a poet , a bit more romantic and makes you to do everything completely off the moon. Speaking of this we also need to include entropy somewhere over here., so enough of this lets move on to entropy . So this is how it works when sudden turn of events happens something like breakup or marriage then this roles played by blood flow and various  hormones no longer have any effect and hence this  roles of hormones stop, incase of deep insult or harnessing it also causes psychological effects which plays a main role. Thus when things going smoothly , all of a sudden something happens , body cant get along with this sudden change and hence there exist an randomness between inside and outside of your body and hence entropy contributes its part to your body. 
Sometimes when this change of entropy towards us is way beyond our control ., our heart cant take it when makes us to ignore our reality causing delusions and even make us to commit sucide. So holding the edge on life changing moments is the key to sustain  our health and happiness.