Thursday, 5 December 2013

Touch of love:)

     "Theres is a story behind every little emotion that a person experience in his life"

When you find that one  person who connects to the world, you'll feel the completeness in your life and you'll find the hidden treasure of being loved, which will be one of the most significant and satisfying feeling that you'll ever experience in your life and you'll be also aware of the beauty in your life because of the greatest gift that occurred to you and that gratitude you show towards your life will drive the world around you, making you to go through each and every phase of your life with genuine joy and happiness against all the odds that's what makes  life worthwhile.. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Being Yourself

                        "when it comes to the moment which defines who we are "

Innocence is a gift which i lost a long time back.., i mean what happened ? as we grew up do we let our emotions and situations to take control of the only thing we possess?

Some people calling  it maturity , a thing started as a mystery for me..i treat things which changes our fundamental perception who we are, as a mistake. Things like compromise and sacrifice are need to be given with one's own wish and interest. I believe sacrifice at the expense of one's own happiness just to cover up the fact of who we are inside, is a mistake. I hate the idea of revealing a personality build around a web of lies. when we find our lives filled only with regrets because of the choices we made to be someone else for others, we fuel our monsters inside us.. i mean why we need to act like a person who we hate deep inside.. why we need to pose a personality just to satisfy others in order to earn our place among them.. As we look out we find only emptiness and emotions which will haunt us for the rest of our lives. So we can achieve satisfaction only if we live our life to the fullest. So have the courage to step out from those moments of  repentance and from those people who are trying to put you in it..

Though we share a outlook of different statuses in our life , we all possess the same dignity and we are responsible for the treatment and behavior of others towards us.

Hate only those moments and people who are trying to make you the person who you hate deep inside..

Be the person with the attitude that you built from your adversities and be proud of where you stand.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Extent of impermissible truth :)

Maybe its one of those time in which realizing the obvious truth is not so difficult for me but well you know its only my perception that's why i'd like to put my view as an impermissible truth and i wish i don't like to conflict others ideas and belief over their own religion and principles., well if you understand what i am trying to put forth at the end of this blog you'll realize that all fight over different religions and communities might not bother you anymore.,

So here we go., most of us know that our life and actions are governed by our religion and principles., without these sort of principles each of our individual liberty might conflict with other and our world will be turned into chaos., In order to live our life peacefully and in the hope of finding God's desires for us ., we need to live our life with certain principles and order.,

As our life is governed not only by religion but also filled with complications,restrictions and disappointments., so out of confusions and to get rid of those complications  we ought to find momentarily  happiness and relief ., we indulge ourselves in things which we know are harmful.,

Interestingly some people out of all these complications have found out the ultimate aim of our existence.
People who have mastered themselves and added immense values to their own life have put forth that " people who can master themselves can master the whole universe".

so the question arises ..what is meant by mastering ourselves ?

if we try to know the truth behind the things which are governing us.., maybe we can find a solution ., so religion.., inorder to prove the truth without any complications let me take an example.,
A rather simple example.,
consider an iron piece and a magnet ., we all know magnet attracts the iron piece., its obvious .,
if we look deeply when the flux lines enters into the iron piece ,it gets attracted., if the flux lines passes through the iron piece as a single component ., iron piece itself behaves as a magnet.., well its simple..,

now lets add meaning to the above statement., consider the iron piece as yourself ., and the magnet as God.,
if we keep ourselves free for God's desires ., God's energy passes through us and we'll  can get ourself attracted towards god., which they call as mahasamadhi - act of consciously and intentionally leaving one's body at the time of death. This act can be proved incase of Swami Vivekanandha .

so ideal condition of our assumption is over., now if we assumes what if the iron piece is covered with dirt then its difficult for itself to get attached to the magnet.., like the same if we cover ourselves with cheap thoughts,desires,lust and degrade our own dignity., then the chance of realizing God's gift (faith) is negligible.

In philosophy , the thoughts and desires which seperates ourselves from the God is termed as wheel of maya.

so inorder to realize the God's desires first we need to be free of unwanted thought and desires., things which helps us in knowing God's desires includes fasting ., praying for others(esp.,) ., doing good to others or karma(noble deed). If we add a bit of science to it ., it says every component on its own as an energy known as internal energy., well it goes the same for us.,its called our "internal energy" various powers resides within us by default.,something like healing powers., mind reading.,etc., so  focus on your internal energy by not focusing on adultery ., keep yourself free from lust and everything., it is also the other way for getting yourself close to god.

As Vivekanandha says " all our lives are governed by a simple ultimate truth " i.e., in knowing the divine truth .,which is letting God's desires to be filled within ourselfs.

so as for the secret let me give you a hint remember me saying " iron piece turning into magnet"  well only its my perception if it conflicts with your  personal ideas and principles  pls ignore that ., and focus on your internal energy., :P

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Real life entropy ;)

"Holding on our edge that exhilaration , being alive"
Well as an engineer i came  aware of what entropy is which goes on like this " measure of randomness or disorderliness of a system " and it is a thermodynamic property. And obviously i came through all derivations and formula across entropy to keep my little knowledge straight. But when i came through the real life example of entropy it adds an other perceptions to things we've already witnessed in our day today life. Sometimes entropy change even occurs within ourselves , normally when we get angry if our favorite team loses or its one of those moment when a person really annoying choose to stay with you or every time when a  girl passes nearby you.
Every time  when these events happens we feel we are in a state of being something which is in complete contrast to being normal. Inorder to explain this briefly i am going to take one of those above examples., my favorite one., lets take what happens when a girl considerably good looking passes by you and your eyes had no choice but to follow her, many other people quote this with a term "attraction" but i guess there is more to that . When we are with our loved ones we feel comfortable due to various changes in our body and our heart shows that this is the way we should spend the rest of our lives. If we speak scientifically then we may quote that the temperature and rate of bloodflow plays a major in this , normally the blood temperature in our body is 72-78 deg celsius but if we get angry it rises upto 100 deg , on the contratory if we get to meet the love of our life then our blood temperature becomes 54-66 deg celsius., this is how we used to get those chills when we are with them. When you are in love bloodflow increases and thus this high inrush of cold blood causes you to be a poet , a bit more romantic and makes you to do everything completely off the moon. Speaking of this we also need to include entropy somewhere over here., so enough of this lets move on to entropy . So this is how it works when sudden turn of events happens something like breakup or marriage then this roles played by blood flow and various  hormones no longer have any effect and hence this  roles of hormones stop, incase of deep insult or harnessing it also causes psychological effects which plays a main role. Thus when things going smoothly , all of a sudden something happens , body cant get along with this sudden change and hence there exist an randomness between inside and outside of your body and hence entropy contributes its part to your body. 
Sometimes when this change of entropy towards us is way beyond our control ., our heart cant take it when makes us to ignore our reality causing delusions and even make us to commit sucide. So holding the edge on life changing moments is the key to sustain  our health and happiness.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Implementation Of Nanocrystals Towards the creation of flexible LVC

Breakthrough in electronics:

Though number of electronic circuits are typically integrated in rigid silicon wafers, flexibility opens up a wide range of applications.In a world where electronics are becoming more pervasive, flexibility is a highly desirable trait, but finding materials with the right mix of performance and manufacturing cost remains a challenge.
Researchers from university of pennsylvania has shown that nanoscale particals or nanocrystalsof the semiconductor cadmium selenide can be "printed" or "coated" on flexible plastics to form high-performance electronics.

Advantages of cadmium selenide nanocrystals over amphorous 


Cadmium selenide nanocrystal devices can move electrons 22 times faster than in amorphous silicon.Besides speed, another advantage cadmium selenide nanocrystals have over amorphous silicon is the temperature at which they are deposited. Whereas amorphous silicon uses a process that operates at several hundred degrees, cadmium selenide nanocrystals can be deposited at room temperature and annealed at mild temperatures, opening up the possibility of using more flexible plastic foundations.


With the combination of flexibility, relatively simple fabrication processes and low power requirements, these cadmium selenide nanocrystal circuits could pave the way for new kinds of devices and pervasive sensors, which could have biomedical or security applications.
Research also opens up the possibility of using other kinds of nanocrystals, as  the materials aspect is not a limitation any more